Bio-Cleanse Detox

Bio-Cleanse Detox

Bio-Cleanse Detox Technologies combine the scientific principles of a Therapeutic Hot Springs, the Healing Energy Force of water with natural “Chi” Energy of the body.

Bio-Cleanse Detox Natural Chi Energy

We know that certain mineral water has undeniable therapeutic effects. Many researchers have tried to duplicate the properties of these natural waters by adding minerals to distilled water in an attempt to replicate natural hot springs and mineral water. Successfully replicating the therapeutic properties has proven to be more difficult than anticipated. Something is always missing… The “Chi”, bio-energy, bio-electricity, effervescence, or life force is difficult to duplicate with man made processing additives.

There is no longer any doubt that when the Chi energy of the body becomes low, the body becomes unhealthy. This applies throughout the whole body, right down to the cellular level. Medical researchers have found that when the energy level of a cell falls too low it becomes unhealthy. It can even become cancerous or diseased. In essence, the Chi level in the “dis-eased” part of the body becomes un balanced and would need energy restoration.

The Bio-Cleanse Therapeutic System uses water to create a process of Complex Ionization. By charging the water to aid the body in cleansing toxins and stimulating the Energy Core of the body.

Bio-Electricity, Your Body and Bio-Cleanse
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) diagnose the body’s energy. This imaging system looks at the tiny magnetic fields that are produced by the presence of electrical activity.

Other types of technologies available to the practitioner measure voltages on the skin in different locations on the body, which are used for the purposes of diagnosis. It is not really necessary to have all this expensive equipment to observe the energy in a living thing. Using a simple multi-meter, capable of measuring mill-volts, will assist in understanding the principle of bio-electricity and health. Used on a leaf picked from a tree, measurements of life, low energy and death are registered.

Understand how the energy in our bodies interacts with water

We can now start to understand how the energy in our bodies interacts with water and how energy levels represent levels of health or disease. If a droplet of water contained a lot of electricity or had a high electrical charge, it would be considered “ionized” or charged.

The reverse is also true, for lack of measured energy in the water droplet would show it to be depleted or lacking energy. This difference between the states of the droplet can be viewed as positive or negative. The droplet with the high-energy charge would be called a negative ion, and the droplet that lacked energy would be called a positive ion. If the droplet was in a balanced state, and there was no energy measurement either way. It would not be considered an ion.

The body is a big reservoir of fluids, primarily water, which can be charged and discharged just like a battery. The body is also a storehouse of bio-electricity. The water in the body contains bio-electricity and should also be considered alive. All of the bodies systems are dependent on the bio-energy flowing through them. Our state of health depends on how our systems are functioning.

Low Energy = Poor Health

Balanced Energy = Good Health

Bio-Cleanse Demonstration on YouTube ⇒ ‘Watch Detox on YouTube’

Benefits of the Bio-Cleanse Detox Technology

Your body cannot clean unless there is sufficient energy.

Toxins build up on the cell membrane. Some nutrients cannot get into the cell and there is not enough energy to push the toxins out. A Bio-cleanse unit is a safe effective way of providing energy to the physical body for this purpose.

It uses water in a foot-bath and the water in your body to create a process of complex ionization, by charging it and stimulating the body’s energy core. By the electrolysis process the water molecule is split into its simplest elements, hydrogen and oxygen. During this process a negative ion is released. It is these negative ions that attack the free radicals.

As we go about our daily life we come into contact with a variety of situations that react in our body and leave residues of poisons, bacteria, parasites, fungi, environmental pollutants etc. These clog the membranes of our body cells and lead to cancer and genetic disorders. (Generations of toxin contamination and the use of genetic substances and hormones are known to cause changes that are passed on to siblings.)

The Unit aids in the restoration of proper cell function

By increasing the electrical field, the unit aids in the restoration of proper cell function, giving the cell energy to select nutrients and discharge waste. This increases the body’s ability to process the toxins and the liver and kidney start to reduce the load on the remaining systems.

The general health of the individual affects how much energy from the stimulated water can be absorbed, and the charge field.

Whenever a little bit of energy is gained from the treatment session your body can begin to repair itself. The effects are microscopic and may be observed using electron microscopy at high magnification.

As the body de-stresses, it becomes capable of receiving more energy.

The water module is used in the foot-bath. Some of the toxins may be visible.

The water changes colour during the ion production and exchange process but the action doesn’t stop there. Keep drinking your usual 6-8 glasses of water every day and you will continue to detox for the next 48 hours.

If you really desire a clean body you need regular detoxification.


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