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Remember – You are in the process of creating your new life

Detoxification is the term used for physical and mental symptoms that may appear when you change your lifestyle by starting something new, such as a new diet, exercising, discontinuing a current habit (eating chocolate or drinking coffee) or beginning a new regime such as bio-cleanse foot-baths. These symptoms may manifest headaches, general aches and pains, cough, diarrhea, skin eruptions (rash), clogging sinus etc.

With regards to bio-cleanse foot-baths, the symptomss are usually short lived and not debilitating. A slight rise in temperature may be the only indication.

Detoxification symptoms

In general detoxification the symptoms are the same as those that occur in certain illness as and can therefore cause misunderstanding. Comprehending this apparent contradiction is the most important hurdle when making a lifestyle change. Consider this – if you don’t get regular exercise then play softball with your children, you may have sore muscles the next day. Your body reacts to something it is not used to doing. When you change your diet or lifestyle, the same thing happens.

Every day, toxins accumulate in our bodies, some due to diet and others to the environment. If you smoke or use alcohol you accumulate even more toxins. When you make a change in diet or lifestyle your cells begin eliminating toxic substances. As they exit they are released into the blood stream and are carried through the circulatory system. This process may result in headache, diarrhea or constipation. There may be elimination through the skin (if you are prone to such problems). You may also feel a lack of energy especially if you are eliminating meats from your diet. Proteins in meat are more stimulating than those found in vegetables.

As you release toxins you absorb substances more easily and sugar, caffeine etc may cause a sharp reaction. The body will choose to discard present tissue to make way for tissue created by higher quality food, so keep to your new regime. 

How long the symptoms last, depend on on your previous lifestyle and the presence of disease in your body. The process may not be linear – toxins tend to release in cycles. After the initial toxins are eliminated you’ll feel great until the next cycle digs deeper and symptoms reappear as the body releases on a deeper level.

What can you do to alleviate healing reactions? 

Know that the body is cleansing its self. Drink water – up to 10 glasses a day instead of your normal 6-8. Rest, have an early night – don’t plan a weekend tramp! Feed your body light meals with lots of nutrients – or take a tonic. Make sure your colon is mobile.

This is not intended as medical advice – always consult your health practitioner about persistent symptoms.

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