Toxic Metal Poisoning

Toxic Metal Poisoning Cleansing using Bio-Cleanse Detox

Toxic Metal Poisoning Cleansing using a Bio-Cleanse Ionic Foot-Bath.

Detoxification using Bio-Cleanse Ionic Rife Foot-Bath Technology to Purify Yourself from Chemical Toxins.

Poor Concentration
Memory Loss Anemia
Learning Difficulties
Muscular Tremors
Upset Stomach
Metalic taste

Lead, aluminium, arsenic, mercury, (dental amalgam) surrounded us, in our water supply, paints clothing, workplace machinery, teeth etc.

They’re commonly found in our environment. The build up in the body may be gradual and insidious over a long period of exposure.

Diseases such as multiple sclerosis and alzheimers may be linked to toxic poisoning, as well as formation of kidney stones and liver damage.

Heavy metals can be found in dental fillings, gasoline, and dyes shellfish and organ meats. Insecticides and pesticides in farming areas, and Arsenic can damage mitochondria in the human body where energy production takes place – it has been found in coal, livestock feed and even mineral water.

A range of vitamins/herbs/homeopathy and chelators are available to support detoxification.

Bio-Cleanse frequency generators are an easy way to detox. The body doesn’t have to do all the work.

The units stimulate cell membranes where the conductivity is and there toxins gather – some of the poisons appear in the foot-bath during a Bio-Cleanse session, but with regular water drinking the action continues for 48 hours, eliminating via the colon, urinary system, breath and skin.

An electrolysis process takes place as the saline solution aligns with the fluid in your body. Negative ions flood your body and as a result harm from free radicals is reduced.

Bio-Cleanse Ionic cleansing is a pleasant way of purifying the body.